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Reelection of Czech President Signals Rising Tide of European Populist Movements

With the recent reelection of the Czech Republic’s president Miloš Zeman, the rise of anti-immigrant and pro-Russian sentiments have taken a stronger foothold within Central and Eastern Europe. Winning by a margin of just over 51% of the popular vote, Zeman defeated his liberal and novice opponent, Jiří Drahoš, signaling the increasing political viability of populist movements across Europe.

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Trump and Putin Reach Tentative Agreements over Syria

On November 11th, the United States and Russia released a joint communication detailing their progress in developing bilateral cooperation in Syria. The document was released following Trump and Putin’s meeting in Vietnam; it established that there existed a mutual desire to work together in facilitating a UN-led resolution to conflict in Syria. It also outlined a mutual goal of removing any foreign forces, such as Iranian militias, operating militarily within Syrian borders. 

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