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NATO Expels Russian Diplomats Following Spy Poisoning

Over 100 Russian envoys have been expelled from 25 countries in the last two days, as a sign of solidarity with the U.K. Earlier this month, former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia Skripal, were found slumped on a beach and remain in critical condition at Salisbury District Hospital after being exposed to a poisonous nerve agent in the United Kingdom. While Russia denies involvement, the incident launched a massive attempted-murder investigation by London’s Metropolitan police and increased tensions between the European Union and Russia.


Germany, France and Poland expelled four Russia diplomats each. Lithuania, and Czech Republic expelled three. Denmark, Italy and the Netherland expelled two. Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Finland, Hungry, Sweden and Romania expelled one each. All 25 countries believe that Russia was behind the poisoning of Skripal and his daughter.

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