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London Automobile Collision Latest UK Terror Scare

A collision that injured 11 people in London on October 7th has put the UK on edge, but has been deemed not terrorist-related by Metropolitan Police.

The crash took place when a black Toyota Prius mounted the curb outside the Natural History Museum on Exhibition Road in South Kensington. Of the 11 injured, nine, including the driver, were taken to the hospital. Doctors stated that none of the wounds sustained were life-threatening, and most patients were released the same evening.

Credit: AP/Kristy Wigglesworth

Credit: AP/Kristy Wigglesworth

The 47-year-old driver was taken into police custody in North London, but was released on Sunday morning under investigation.

“The incident is entirely a road traffic investigation and is not a terrorist-related incident,” police confirmed on their website, where they are appealing for witnesses.

After news of the collision broke, speculation surrounding the driver’s intentions was immediate. The country has seen five terrorist attacks, three involving vehicles, in the span of eight months.

Credit: AP/Alastair Grant

Credit: AP/Alastair Grant

Only five days previously, South England’s railway system was thrown into utter chaos due to two separate terror scares. East Croydon station was evacuated because of a suspicious package and elsewhere, near Wimbledon station, timetables were halted when passengers on one train forced doors open and jumped onto the tracks mid-journey after a man began speaking loudly “about the 'sins of homosexuality’ and [telling] passengers ‘you’re all going to die.’”

This time, in South Kensington, the driver was instantly pinned to the ground by bystanders. Those not apprehending the man began fleeing for their lives. First responders were swift and prepared for the worst.

“I was serving some customers when the police came and just told everyone to run,” a waitress from a restaurant on Exhibition Road told The Guardian.

Thankfully, none of these incidents materialized into anything more serious, but it is evident that the UK is a nation taking its "severe” threat level warning very seriously. Issued by MI5, “severe” is the second-highest threat level the country can face and means that an attack is “highly likely.” This classification is not expected to change any time soon.