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Following Losses in Local Elections, PM May Considers Cross-Party Deal

Talks of a cross-party Brexit deal have begun between British Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. The United Kingdom, which was supposed to leave the EU on March 29, failed to reach a deal, causing the date to be moved to Oct. 31. May failed to gain the support of the House of Commons any of the three times she put her proposed deal before Parliament.

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Spain: Socialists Win General Election, Fall Short of Majority

In Spain’s third nationwide election since 2015 on Sunday,  Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s governing Socialist party (PSOE) won with 29 percent of the national vote. Still, the socialists fell short of the absolute majority necessary to form a government in Spain’s 350-deputy Congress and will need to ally with other parties. In his victory speech, Sánchez announced that the party’s goals would include combating inequality and corruption, claiming that “the future has won and the past has lost.”

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G7 Foreign Ministers Meet Ahead of August Summit

G7 (Group of Seven) foreign ministers met in Dinard and Saint Malo in northwestern France on Friday and Saturday to set the agenda for the upcoming Biarritz Summit of G7 leaders, which will be held in late August in southern France. The G7, which comprises a group of seven industrialized democracies, aims to combat global inequality, decrease the threats of terrorism and trafficking, and support the spread of democracy.

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France Gears Up for 19th Round of Yellow Vest Protests

Saturday marked the 19th weekend of the Yellow Vest protests in France, which began in November as an angry public reaction to an increase in fuel taxes. Since then, the protests have become a movement against President Emmanuel Macron’s elitist policies, chiefly his abolition of the wealth tax in France. Macron has criticized workers who lost their jobs, calling them “illiterate” and “lazy,” and differentiated people “who are successful” from those “who are nothing.”

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