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Yemeni Children Face Harsh Realities

Since March 2015, a perpetual state of war has existed in Yemen. The nation has been plagued by internal discord and violence, and has suffered extensive infrastructural damage and losses of human lives. While these aspects of the conflict have been widely reported on, coverage on one group—Yemeni children—should continue to increase. 

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Turmoil Escalates in Yemen

As the multi-faceted conflict continues to spiral in Yemen, new developments illustrate the degree to which the situation remains largely irreconcilable. Most recently, Yemeni Transportation Minister Saleh al-Gabwani expressed his disapproval of actions taken by forces backed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Specifically, al-Gabwani condemned UAE-backed troops for preventing his convoy from inaugurating a new port at Bahlaf, which is currently occupied by UAE forces. Furthermore, the minister alleged that members of these forces relayed how their orders came directly from the Emiratis, presumably using the term to refer to leaders in the UAE. 

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