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International Media Attention as Brazil Enters its Late Stages in the Political Crisis


As the political crisis in Brazil heads onto its late stages, the jailing of ex-president Lula has grabbed many countries’ news outlets’ attention. Lula has officially been ordered into jail and even though he is imprisoned, many of his supporters are expressing hope for his presidential run.


Global Coverage

Although Lula is in jail, he is still seen as the leading candidate in the presidential election. He is currently on appeal meaning that if he gets off on an appeal before the elections, than he has a great chance, due to the immense support that he has received. In addition to the appeal, Lula has a possibility to support another candidate from his party, only emphasizing that he is still an active force even while in jail.


In relation to the idea of Lula and the appeals, the Brazilian top courts might be in his favor to release him from jail. According to Reuters, there is a landmark 2016 ruling that states that defendants are jailed if their convictions are upheld on their first appeal. However, the Brazilian top courts are not so fond of this ruling. Because of this, Lula may have a chance to be freed from his jailing.


Lula has gained a lot of support from people all over Brazil following his imprisonment. After he had been jailed, many homeless activists have been supporting their stance for him outside Lula’s apartment. This apartment was supposedly considered a favor to Lula which led to corruption charges against him for accepting favors from such companies. The homeless activists are steadfast in their support for him, putting up posters and banners stating arguing for his release in exchange for peace. Lula has become such an influential figure that many of his supporters are continuously rooting for him.


However, the Brazilian court has turned down Lula’s latest appeal, which may indicate a halt to his presidential run. This appeal was in relation to Lula’s apartment. As a result of this rejection, his case will be taken to the higher courts. This rejection of his latest appeal can potentially put his presidential election run on hold. Even if he gets off on an appeal, it might not be in time for the upcoming election.


There has been an opinion survey by the citizens to see which candidate would be in the favor if Lula were to be officially taken off the polls. Currently, right wing and green candidates would be in the lead if Lula did not participate, which may switch the political situation of Brazil. Because of Lula’s many supporters, his absence in the polls would lead Brazil in a different direction, as the right wing and green party candidates may take the lead.


With all these corruption charges against Lula, he has become Brazil’s first president to be jailed. However, the corruption charges and scandals are quite apparent within Brazilian politics. For example, Brazil’s current president Michel Temer avoided standing trial on account of the lower house of Congress voting to shield him of corruption charges. This shows that other Brazilian politicians do experience corruption charges and scandals.


Main Takeaways

Entering the late stages of Lula’s corruption charges, it seems unsure as to whether the former president would be able to run in the next presidential election or not. The future of Brazilian politics is unclear because of the many corruption scandals that surround Brazilian politicians. However, amidst all these charges, many of Lula’s supporters still stay strong in their support for him, displaying great loyalty towards their influencers and leaders.