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IR Insider is a production of NYU's International Relations Society. Our goal is to explain and discuss issues in IR in an engaging and thought-provoking fashion. We are written by students, for students, about issues students care about. 


Sabrina he

Sabrina is the former President of IR Society and Editor-in-Chief of IR Insider. She currently works under the editorial team of Foreign Affairs, the foreign policy magazine published by the Council on Foreign Relations. Sabrina graduated this May as a double major in International Relations Honors and French. Fluent in English, Chinese, and French, she has worked in the fields of public relations, intellectual property, and immigration law before joining HRNK to do research on North Korea. For her senior honors thesis, she worked closely with Professor Rosendorff on China's activities in Africa. In her free time, she likes to keep up with this blog by her professor friend James Nolt from World Policy Institute. Starting in September, she will pursue a M.S. in journalism at the Columbia Journalism School. 



Kartika served as Alumni Relations and Event Development Chair of IR Society and Managing Editor for IR INSIDER. She graduated in May as a pre-med student majoring in Neuroscience/Psychology. During her senior year she worked at the Center for Neural Science where she researched the neural computations underlying decision making. In the past, she has worked as a Press Office Intern for the New York County District Attorney's office. On weekends, she can be found playing chess in the park, biking along the Hudson River trail, or binge eating Indian food.


Fei Zhao

Fei Zhao graduated in May as a Neuroscience major with minors in Chemistry and Psychology. She is the former treasurer for IR Society as well as a managing editor and writer for IR Insider. Fei currently works at NYU's Center for Neuroscience at the Movshon lab doing research on the effects of adaptive stimuli on visual texture discrimination.  In her free time, when she's not busy recovering from sleep deprivation, she enjoys figure skating, binge-watching TV shows, and playing piano.